Immulite 2000 xpi manual

The assay is available on the siemens immulite 2000 and immulite 2000 xpi immunoassay systems. The immulite 2000 2500 operators manual describes the operation of the immulite 2000 and immulite 2500 instruments and software. Dpc immulite 2000 siemens immulite 2000 immunoassay. We provide instrument precision and qc data before you purchase. Entering vi 6008490001a immulite 20002500 operators.

We have the hard to find immulite 2000 xpi and upgraded immulite 2000 ready for you now. The highly reliable immulite 2000 xpi system is easy to use and has one of the largest automated immunoassay menus available. Siemens immulite 2000 xpithe new immulite 2000 xpi is a continuous, random access analyzer with a throughput of up to 200 tests per hour. The immulite 2000 xpi is easier to use, with proven reliability and the largest automated immunoassay menu available.

Other product lines will be added to the website in the future. Siemens immulite homocysteine 2000 user manual pdf download. Used siemens immulite 2000 xpi unit immunology for sale. Recently, the joint european society of cardiologyamerican college of cardiology committee for the redefinition of myocardial infarction proposed that any amount of myocardial necrosis caused by ischemia should be labeled as an infarct 1. Siemens is a leading global provider of various laboratory and healthcare equipment for a number of industries. Siemens immulite homocysteine 2000 user manual pdf. This immulite 2000 has been fully refurbished, adjusted, and tested by our trained engineers. Immulite 2000 xpi immunoassay system software upgrades autostart allows you to automate or run on demand scheduled daily maintenance. The immulite 2000 intuitive software, and graphical user interface, offers streamlined information management, from remote test ordering to sophisticated analysis of results. As per the immulite 2000 xpi operators manual, level sensing errors usually indicate an insufficient sample amount or a bubbleair in the sample tube. These coverage policies, called ncds, provide definitive guidance to providers concerning the medical necessity requirements of a particular test or procedure. Material safety data sheets, used as part of laboratory safety, are currently available online for immulite, immulite, immulite 2000, immulite 2500 and immulite turbo assays.

Siemens dpc immulite 2000 analyzer immunoassay system. Contribute to levinalexlis development by creating an account on github. Immulite 20002500 operators manual 6008490001a v section 5. For in vitro diagnostic use with the immulite 2000 systems analyzers for the quantitative measurement of adrenocorticotropic hormone in edta plasma, as an aid in the assessment of adrenal insufficiency and hypersecretion. Siemens immunoassay analyzers are fully automated and well known for its productivity and efficiency. Immulite 2000 dpc immulite 2000, supplied by block scientific, is a continuous random access immunoassay analyzer designed particularly for providing optimum efficiency in medium and high volume laboratories. We back up all our instrument sales with performance data so you know what you are getting. Approved hiv, hav, hbv, hcv, and std diagnostic or monitoring assays by manufacturer and platform manufacturer platform hi vhav hb hc chlamydia,gonorrhea, syphilis abbott architect hiv agab combo anit. Its software makes it easier to move between different system functions. Connection to two immulite 2000 or 2500 instruments to create an immunoassay system with a throughput of up to 400 tests per hour and a reagent.

Characteristics of the cardiac troponin i assay on the immulite 2000 analyzer to the editor. Just give us a call at 8446737378 to find out how you can save and profit with refurbished instruments, and new or used parts from mrds. This design increases workflow and enhances productivity for medium to highvolume immunoassay laboratories by incorporating specialty and allergy testing into one platform. National coverage determinations ncd medicare regulations allow the center for medicare and medicaid services cms to develop coverage policies for medicarecovered tests and procedures. Service technicians analytical lab forum service and user manual for siemens immulite analyzer amos dantene ghana please i need the service and user manual for siemens immulite analyzer. Process continues with assembly, repair, and diagnostics. This reference guide includes overviews of the systems, configuration instructions, and operating, maintenance, and troubleshooting procedures. Characteristics of the cardiac troponin i assay on the. The new progesterone assay for the immulite and immulite systems is comparable to the assay currently available on the immulite 2000 and 2000 xpi systems, with a faster turnaround time and overall improved performance over the former assay. Immulite 2000 2500 front view 1 2 3 6 8 7 liquidw aste 14 12 4 5 10 91115 distilledw ater number component number component 1 sample carousel 9 reaction tube hopper 2 reagent carousel covered 10 liquid waste 3 pipettors 11 probe wash 4 drd priming accessories 12.

Model k immulite 2000 for sale completely refurbished with 90 day parts warranty. Download citation immulite 2000 and immulite 2000 xpi this chapter explains the technology and. Dpcs quality products are manufactured under a quality system that is registered to iso 485. For in vitro diagnostic use with the immulite immulite immulite 20002000 xpi analyzers for the quantitative measurement of prostatespecific antigen psa in human serum, as an aid in the. Siemens dpc immulite chemistry analyzer is greatly appreciated by the clinicians and technicians worldwide because of its simplicity, reliability, flexible platforms. We find it easier to understand, perform, and obtain the information we need on a daily basis. Immulite 2000xpi 3gallergy specific ige apple component allergen, rmal d 1 malus domestica, a464l2 background mal d 1 is a pr10 protein associated with oral allergy syndrome oas to apple. Siemens dpc immulite 2000 dpc immulite is a diagnostic products corporation now a division of siemens manufactured immunoassay system, offering fully integrated operation. Conventions to improve readability, the following conventions are used.

Equipnet carries a range of used siemens immunoassay analyzers, such as the siemens advia centaur xp, immulite 2000 xpi, and more. Siemens immulite 2000 user manual 30 pages homocysteine. Immulite homocysteine 2000 medical equipment pdf manual download. Siemens immulite 2000 xpi immunology analyzer highlights the immulite 2000 xpi system is a continuous random access immunoassay analyzer with an efficient design that increases workflow and.

It features a wideranging menu, 90day onboard reagent stability, and advanced software and hardware to handle the many testing challenges that labs face. The immulite 2000 xpi system, the newest member of the siemens immulite product family, offers the largest automated immunoassay test menus available today and features several innovative hardware and software solutions to enhance productivity and efficiency for medium to high volume clinical laboratories. Validation of a new and improved progesterone assay on the. Package inserts in this section are in pdf format and require adobes acrobat reader. Siemens immulite 2000 2500 reagents and consumables we supply original reagents and consumables for siemens immulite 2000 2500. Dpc diagnostic products corporation, a leader in immunodiagnostic systems, is now a division of siemens. Developed for and tested with dpc immulite i2500 user manual using the lis specification version 600129h not available online, but a similar version might be available. Highlights original instrumentation provided by siemens healthcare diagnostics. The siemens immulite 2000 xpi immunoassay system may be purchased in 1 of 2 ways listed below.

Refurbishment includes disassembly and total restoration. Immulite 2000 xpi system human chorionic gonadotropin. Automated and quantitative tsi thyroid assay for graves. This manual contains the basic information necessary for aftersales service of the dpc immulite 20002500 analyzer system. Siemens immulite 2000 manuals manuals and user guides for siemens immulite 2000. View and download siemens immulite homocysteine 2000 user manual online. The immulite 2000 xpi immunoassay system combines allergy and specialty testing with routine immunoassay testing. The new immulite 2000 xpi is a continuous, random access analyzer with a throughput of up to 200 tests per hour. Siemens immulite 2000 xpi is a robust, comprehenstive and practical floor model immunology system. The extensive menu, high level reliability, and ease of use makes this system the right choice for laboratories with lowvolume immunoassay tests. Class 2 device recall immuliteimmulite 2000 psa assay. Service and installation options available as well as renting and reagents. We have 1 siemens immulite 2000 manual available for free pdf download. Fda clears siemens immulite 2000 xpi immunoassay system.

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