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Easy installation using the free smartme app available for android and ios. Singlephase powerenergy meter with tamper detection application note 2566b. Overview of single phase induction type energy meter. You can download the powerconfig configuration software from the industry online support. More information about approvals of energy meters for billing purposes are. Voltage from mains is directly fed to a rc based circuit followed by a. The red wire shows the live or line or phase and the blake shows the neutral wire. This article focusses only on its constructional features and its working. When the energy meter is connected in circuit, the current coil carries the load current and pressure coil carries the current proportional to the supply voltage. This 3phase meter is comprised of three voltage sen. Threephase and singlephase energy meters, highquality pdf. Single phase induction type energy meter construction,working principle,operation,creeping,torque equation the measurement of energy is the same process as measurement of power except that the instrument not merely indicates the power or rate of supply of energy but must take into account also the length of time for which the rate of energy is. This document is valid for the sma energy meter emeter20 from firmware ver.

These graphics below shows the above idea in a very simple way. Voltage from mains is directly fed to a rcbased circuit followed by rectification. Implementation of a singlephase electronic watthour meter using. The basic working of single phase induction type energy meter is only focused on two mechanisms. This design guide has a complete metrology and application source code provided as a downloadable zip file. The observed accuracy was better than 97% discover the.

Singlephase electric meter with isolated energy measurement. Lem has developed the second generation of universal energy meters for electric traction units with authorization for billings. A simple capacitive power supply for the msp430 energy meter. Working of single phase induction type energy meter. Single phase energy meter working of single phase induction. Below are the the connections diagrams for installation of a single phase 3 phase, 4 wire kwh meter digital or analog energy meter from the supply to the main distribution board in home. Per definition, active power is a measure of what is required or consumed in order to perform useful work. Webbased training courses online, informative, free. A single phase microcontroller based energy meter conference paper pdf available in conference record ieee instrumentation and measurement technology conference 2. Mechanism of rotation of an aluminum disc which is made to rotate at a speed proportional to the power.

Hioki benchtop power meters and power analyzers are best in class power measuring. Here we are going to discuss the single phase induction type in detail. Rs485 bus two way threephase energy meter dsz14wdrs3x5a mid. In a threephase utility grid, connect the line conductors l1, l2 and l3 and. Overview power meters are sometimes referred to as energy meters and vice versa. Complete metrology source code is provided and can be downloaded from. The software can be downloaded for free from the eltako homepage. Pdf a single phase microcontroller based energy meter.

Single phase induction type energy meter is also popularly known as watthour meter. A single phase energy meter prototype has been implemented in the lab to provide measurement up 10 a load current from a 127 v line voltage. This article is only focused about its constructional features and. In its basic singlephase version, the em4t ii energy meter can be used in all existing rail. Shortcircuit the secondary current terminals of the current transformer before removing. Detailed information and tools for energy meter interfaces can be downloaded from the gossen.

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